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Gate Of Tehran

The Earth Breathes
Week 4 :17 Dec - 19 Dec

Gate Of Tehran

The Earth Breathes
26 Nov - 19 Dec 2020



The Third Gate of Tehran Festival is a one-month virtual event in Nov/Dec 2020 with live music performances, free improvisation, discussions, and displaying live recording videos from different artists made for the festival.
The third “Gate of Tehran” music festival will be held virtually 26th Nov-19th Dec. Live Musics, Pre Recorded and TalkSessions.


What are the responsibilities of artists around the world? The Coronavirus Pandemic issue has shown us how a severe threat can restructure everything within weeks. This traumatic, life threatening experience needed our worldwide serious actions to overcome; might have suggested a blueprint for dealing with other universal issues like Global Warming.

What are the artists’ roles in facing such globally involved challenges?
Are artists responsible for making a change through the arts?
Can this responsibility be fulfilled through music or musical formats?
What is the impact of the music industry on societies in an exceptional circumstance?Does the music industry have the responsibility of considering social matters like fairness, greenness, and a healthy environment?

House No.4 is an independent organization in Tehran, founded in 2013 by Tehran-based musician Mehdi “Peter” Pirhosseinlou. In recent years, House No. 4 has focused more on holding international events. In 2018 and 2019, we held two (d.o.e.s.) festivals in Germany (the first and second Gate of Tehran Festival) to introduce Tehran’s contemporary music scene to international audiences and create interactions in professional, artistic and private levels.

Project Overview

This project -Nov/Dec 2020- continues our international musical activities at House No.4. The event will be on air at 9-11:30 P.M (Tehran Time) every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 26th November to 19th December.
Along with all unwanted challenges imposed by Covid-19, new opportunities have also arisen to accelerate our virtual worldwide outreach by virtual performances.

“The Earth Breathes”

Festival is a demonstration of our hard struggle towards challenges that happened to us and our planet during this strange period as the results of our actions. The burden of making a difference in this Fest is in the hands of musicians by presenting some creative ideas or selecting appropriate locations for their performances. Nature and open areas are our preferences; but, we are entirely flexible.
Perhaps we can consider the old cozy studio of House No.4 ( Available for Tehran based artists), artists’ home studios, all generally accepted studios, nature, and any creatively selected places in line with our outlook towards the festival’s goal as suitable locations for this incredible festival.
Although the House No.4 team will provide help and support, promotion, visual and graphical advertising package, and technical support for artists.
the participants of our next year’s Gate of Tehran Festival will be three of the current event’s selected performances.
Like other House No.4 events, this festival offers a bridge to connect musicians. We have always seen some profitable collaborations after our events; that has been a pleasant achievement.
Finally, we hope to pass this critical situation with a creative and conscious interaction in total health.

Line Up


Gate Of Tehran ||| - Nov/Dec 2020

Our Team

Peter Pirhosseinloo

Curator/Art Dir/Music

Roya Arab

Asst Art Dir

Aran Borouzadeh

Asst Art Dir/Technical Specialist

Shaghayegh Haririan

Art & Cultural Consultant

Sepideh Shayegan

Media Dir

Parastou Manteghi


Babak Shahrouzi

LOGO Design

Ebrahim Khabazi

Video/Motion Design [Festival]

Behrang Shahinpar


Mehdi Behbudi

Ass content creator / Talk sessionS moderator

Vedad Famourzadeh


Reza Rishehri

Motion Design [Artists]

Reza Babaei

Web Design

Sören Faika

German Partner