House No.4 is an independent artist community in Tehran founded in 2013 by Mehdi “Peter Pirhosseinlou”. In recent years, House No.4 has been formed as a team focused on organizing musical events. And, the community has developed into an important platform for artists from the alternative and experimental music scene of Tehran through which they can build their network and freely exchange their works. Many joint projects, collaborations and events have emerged from this dynamically growing network.

International Jazz Day 2023

29th - 30th April 2023

When a human being is oppressed, the natural tendency is to feel anger. Jazz is a response to oppression that is not bullets and blood. Jazz is the expression of harmony... and the at the same time of hope and freedom.
In Tehran, Iran, House No.4 will hold a festival with 6 ensembles and a discussion panel on April 29 and 30.

Gate Of Tehran 2021

Perspective - 3th - 13th October 2021

For the fourth Gate of Tehran festival in 2021, we as House No. 4 want to build on these both global and local experiences: this year’s edition of the festival is to take place as a real event in the middle of nature, namely the UNESCO World Heritage Hirkani forest in Northern Iran, and at the same time as a live broadcast. We want to give artists and audiences the chance to participate both physically and online.

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Gate Of Tehran 2020

The Earth Breathes - 26 Nov - 19 Dec 2020

The Third Gate of Tehran Festival was a one-month virtual event in Nov/Dec 2020 with live music performances, free improvisation, discussions, and displaying live recording videos from different artists made for the festival.
The third “Gate of Tehran” music festival held virtually 26th Nov-19th Dec. Live Musics, Pre Recorded and TalkSessions.

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Gate Of Tehran 2019

Tehran Sound Good - Berlin and Cologne, Germany - 14 Nov 2019

House No.4, the independent Iranian music festival organization, is holding second international edition of the D.o.E.S(Days of Experimental Sounds) festival in Berlin, Cologne this November dedicated to the alternative music and art scene of Iran.

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Gate Of Tehran 2018

Days of Experimental Sounds Festival - Berlin, Germany - 14-17 Dec 2018
House No.4 is opening the Gate of Tehran in Berlin this December. It is the first international version of the D.o.E.S. festival that’s going to be held in Berlin with the purpose of introducing Tehran’s contemporary music scene to the international audience and to create a ground for the artists to exchange their professional and artistic experiences with cultural approach.

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