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Past Events

  • TADAEX 2018
    Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition

    Type: Collaboration

    Location: Tehran, Iran

    TADAEX is a place for digital perspective and creation of a contemporary and flexible platform for exchanging views, culture and digital way of life among artists, art lovers and enthusiasts.

    30 International & Iranian artists would play 16 audiovisual performances during 5 days in Ava Art Levels in Ava Center. House No.4 collaborated in holding the 8th TADAEX in 2018.

  • Gate of Tehran
    from Days of Experimental Sounds Fest

    Location: Berlin, Germany

    Date: 14-16/12/2018

    House No. 4 has organized the multi-day festival „Days of Experimental Sounds (D.O.E.S.)“ already four times in Tehran and the number of spectators has grown steadily from time to time. D.O.E.S. showcases performances of different genres: Electronic, Experimental, Alternative, Audio-Visual, Contemporary, Modern and Experimental Jazz. Often, these performances also include elements from other artistic fields, such as performing arts and dance. House No. 4 brings the D.O.E.S. festival to Berlin to introduce Tehran’s contemporary music scene to an international audience and to create an exchange on a professional, artistic and private level.

  • Days of Experimental Sounds July 2018

    The forth edition of “Days Of Experimental Sounds” -D.O.E.S- like the previous versions is complex of musical and visual performances holds in three days includes Electro-acoustic, Electronic, Contemporary music and audio-visual performances as well as lecture.

    The outstanding point of this festival is that it is hold in “Rasht” another beautiful and cultural city of Iran, not in Tehran. Performances of artists of this city and their collaboration with Tehran’s artists cause great communication in art that our artistic and cultural positions are really thirsty about.

  • Jazz Music / Festival

    Location: Tehran, IranTimes held: 7


    Jazz music is an emerging field in Iran; it has been around for half a century with a lot of ebbs and some flows.  However, Iranian Jazz scene has got a breath of fresh air in the recent years by the growing community of jazz musicians and enthusiasts.  House No. 4 conducts ‘Jazz’ programs to present and promote debuts and well-known bands.  Different generations of Jazz-maniacs crossed paths and celebrated the creative amalgamation of discipline and freedom in the 'Jazz' series.

  • Tribute to Farhad

    Locationt: Tehran, Iran

    Date: 2017

    Farhad Mehrad (1944 – 2002) is an iconic figure in Persian alternative music.  His music journey began by playing the piano and covering Rock 'n' Roll songs in a band. Then, he started singing original songs in Persian. Farhad failed to achieve wide audience during his active years.  Although, he was banned for several years, his songs were noticed and recognized widely amongst younger generations after the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran.  Today he is cited as one of the most influential contemporary Iranian musicians.  House No. 4 has run annual events, ‘Tribute to Farhad’ ,with plenty of young artists of Iranian alternative scene participation to cherish the legacy of highly respected and unrepeatable Farhad.

  • Open Mic / Serial Events

    Location: Tehran, Iran

    Times Held: Monthly period

    Open Mic is a live show held at different coffee houses, institutions or pubs where the music players, that are amateur performers or even professionals who want to try out new material or plug an upcoming show, are given the opportunity to perform on stage. This is the most precious event for House No.4 because the first event that we held was an open mic. So far, we have proudly held around 40 Open Mics.

  • Days of Experimental Sounds (D.O.E.S)

    Location: Tehran, Iran - Berlin, Germany

    Times held: 5

    “Days of Experimental Sounds” (D.o.E.S) is a showcase for experimental and contemporary music scene of Iran. The festival’s aim is to provide an inspiring platform for independent and experimental artists of diverse range of contexts and fields. D.o.E.S. is genuinely a rendezvous for experienced artists, aspiring musicians and enthusiasts. So, they can meet and interact with each other. D.o.E.S focuses on convergence of art, music and technology and hosts a comprehensive range of interdisciplinary performances like audio-visuals, sound installations, and interactive programs.